8 Best Android Magisk Modules

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magisk Best Android ModulesWe recently covered the magisk modules. So, the question is what it is? And what you can do with it if you have been able to install it on your device? Magisk has been shown to be among the best choices to traditional rooting approach that relies on changing the /”system partition”. Magisk operates by establishing a mask on the /”system partition”, hence enabling for mods to be executed whilst keeping the system secure and safe.

Although we currently do not want to have many magisk modules, there are so many. If you are looking to start, however, here are 8 Best Magisk Modules that you should be using:


If something goes wrong while installing magisk modules on your Device, Killertricks takes no responsibility in such cases. We are only listing 8 Best Magisk Modules here that we know work, but there is always a possibility that you may not have a good experience. So, Proceed at your own risk.

1. Google Assistant EnablerGoogle Assistant Enabler killertricks

Google Assistant should be available on various Android Marshmallow and Nougat devices. But just because you do not have any updates for any reason, this module enables Google Assistant for you.

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2. App SystemizerApp Systemizer killertricks

If the name does not already make it clear, then App Systemizer provide the applications that you install in the system application. These are the benefits of the app, for example, you can download the pixel launcher from the Play Store and convert it to a system app to get the Google Now integration. The same action is right for the launcher.

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3. Viper4AndroidViper4Android killertricks

Once again, the name should be self-explanatory. This Mod Systemless-Ly has installed Viper4Android, one of the best sound modes available for Android rooted devices. It allows you to personalize the sound performance of your device’s speaker, Bluetooth speaker, headset or possibly a dock. The app not only raises the amount of the music on your device but also enhances clarity & bass, all thanks to its cool ViPER Clarity and XHiFi technology. You can also check out our guide to install Viper4Android on Android device.

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4. Zerene Sound by AM3DZerene Sound by AM3D killertricks

AM3D Zerene is another sound mod which is really very impressive. Although it does not provide much granular control over the Viper4Android on your device’s audio, it still packs in some good controls and features that are easier than Viper4Android if you are not a serious audiophile And just want an equalizer for your device that can take advantage of the power of the root.


5. Tethering EnablerTethering Enabler killertricks

This mod only enables wifi and USB tethering on the device in which it is disabled by the OEM. With Tethering Enabler you can share your cellular data with other users and devices. Regrettably, some OEMs choose to get this feature removed from their devices, particularly in countries such as the United States. Tethering Enabler is a module which helps the user to enable USB in addition to WiFi tethering on their Android devices.

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6. SD Write enabler for NougatSD Write enabler for Nougat killertricks

By default, writing an SD card for apps on Android Nougat enables access. Usually, the user has to give permissions for every app and some apps just do not work. This mod may work in those situations.

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7. Google DialerGoogle Dialer killertricks

It works as if it works on Nexus or Pixel devices without installing Google Dialer on non-compatible devices.

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8. Pixel Launcher transparent dockPixel Launcher transparent dock killertricks

The name says that you already need to know this Mod Pixel launcher turns a transparent white dock background into a completely transparent dock. Assuming you have Pixel Launcher installed.

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Even more, such modules can be seen in the Download section on magisk Manager. Make sure you know who to play with, if things are wrong then your device may not be able to boot. In that case, you need to comment below.


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