Android: Magisk Manager

The Magisk Manager Guide

Rooting takes you to a higher level of customization of your Android device. But the problem is with tweaking the system without altering the system partitions. No longer it will be a question for you. Because now you have a super powerful systemless interface which is Magisk Manager to make changes on system systemless-ly. This is the best alternative to Chainfire’s supersu. 

What is Magisk Manager?

Magisk Manager is a rooting and root management tool. The specialty of this tool is it lets you alter the system stemless-ly. It can do modifications to the system without tampering the partitions. Unlike you having Supersu, you can cross the limits imposed by high secured apps by Google Safety net with Magisk Manager download. It does the duty done by Xposed Framework as well. Magisk Manager is with the ability to modify the boot image and to install the data to the device.  Magisk Manager is similar to supersu in many aspects. But of course, there is a lot more functionality in Magisk Manager. 

Features of Magisk Manager

  • Some very important apps like Banking apps, Pokemon Go, Android Pay, etc are not allowed to run on rooted devices. When your device has Supersu installed in it, these apps can recognize it and then we are not allowed to run these highly secured applications. When you have Magisk Manager, you can hide the root from these apps. So Google won’t be able to perceive the root and so you are allowed to use them without any hustle or bustle.
  • You can grant and deny the root access permission of apps via Magisk Manager. Magisk can remember your choice and you won’t be asked for permission of the same app again and again. In this way, Magisk can manage the root access permission of apps just like Supersu. This feature is called as the MagiskSu. 
  • You can alter the system with Magisk modules. You can download, install, upgrade, and manage Magisk modules which are available in Repo.
  • Magisk Hide is a very much unique feature offered by Magisk Manager. It can hide the root of your device from the recognition by Safety Nets. So without temporarily unrooting the device, you can run any app easily.
  • You can root your device with MagiskSU which is based on the phh’s Superuser.
  • You are allowed do any kind of modification to the system properties.
  • There is an inbuilt installer in the app which lets you install and uninstall any app super easily from the app itself. 
  • You can also manage the downloads of your device with Magisk.
  • You can enter the prop files with Magisk Manager and make changes on them.


  • No any error messages or limitations to using any kind of financial or banking apps.
  • You can run Snapchat without any complications.
  • Pokemon Go is now open for you to play even on a rooted device.
  • Lets you install OTA updates to the device.
  • Bypass safety net.
  • Android pay is ready to use without further error messages.


  • You cannot place Magisk Manager on an adoptable storage like SD card.
  • A kind of tech-knowledge is needed to get the best of the app.
  • Still, Magisk Manager does not have the multi-user support.
  • These cons will surely be fixed in later updates by Topjohnwu; the developer of Magisk Manager. 


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