Download Magisk Zip v19.3 | Magisk Manager APK v7.3.2


download magisk zip and magisk manager apk

Download latest Magisk zip v19.3 version for systemless root on your Android. Besides, you can also download the latest Magisk Manager APK v7.3.2 along with the Magisk Uninstaller zip file. You can get not only the latest but also the older versions of Magisk and Magisk Manager GitHub links for Android Nougat, Oreo, Pie and Q. Magisk v18.1 even supports all devices running Android 4.2+.

Magisk is currently the best alternative to Chainfire’s SuperSU. It’s a universal systemless interface to root Android devices. Developed by topjohnwu, Magisk is, in fact, much better than SuperSU in many aspects. No wonder it is becoming the default choice of custom ROM developers. What we have here today is a comprehensive list of all the Magisk versions ever released along with download links. So you can download Magisk zip, (Magisk v17, Magisk v18, Magisk v19) for Android Nougat, Oreo and Pie regardless of how old they are.

What is Magisk?

Unlike SuperSU which only grants or denies root permissions for specific apps, Magisk can hide root from an app completely. Meaning that banking app or Pokemon GO that you couldn’t get to work on your rooted device can work if you’re rooted with Magisk. Magisk works system-less-ly, in that it doesn’t alter your system partition in any way.

Magisk is Open Source

As with a major chunk of the third-party development on Android, Magisk is completely and 100% open source. This means anyone with the know-how can download Magisk source code from the internet and start building on it.


MagiskSU is actually the main reason people download Magisk in the first place. It is based on phh’s Superuser, and that is based on CM Superuser. It roots your device granting you access to root partitions.

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Magisk Manager

Magisk Manager is an Android companion app that allows you to not only manage root permissions for apps but also everything else related to Magisk. For instance, you can disable checking for updates, install new Magisk modules, remove them, and manage a host of other Magisk features including MagiskHide. You can download Magisk Manager APK from the official Github page.


Speaking of MagiskHide, it is a feature that allows users to hide Magisk from detections. There are many apps that you’d want to hide Magisk from such as Google SafetyNet, enterprise/bank system integrity checks, game tamper checks, etc.

Download Magisk Zip and Magisk Manager APK

You can usually download Magisk from the original development thread at XDA. But it only provides Magisk download link for the latest version. However, sometimes, the latest version isn’t the best version for you. For instance, a newer version of Magisk may not be able to hide from an app like Google Pay which is actually known to run into problems despite using MagiskHide.

Using an older version of Magisk that you know works for you might be a temporary solution until it’s fixed. In that case, though, you’re out of luck. But not anymore. You can download all Magisk versions from below. The list below is comprehensive and contains all Magisk versions since it was released publicly.

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Below, you will find oldest to the latest version of Magisk zip for Android Nougat, Oreo, and Pie and download them directly from the Magisk Github repository. Just click the direct Magisk download links below. Moreover, we’ve also listed the compatible version of Magisk Manager and Magisk Uninstaller for each Magisk release. You can use Magisk Uninstaller zip file to remove Magisk from your Android device.

Latest Magisk Zip v19.3 & Magisk Manager APK v7.3.2

Android OS version compatibility: Android 4.2+ to Android Q

Magisk v19.3 Changelog

  • Improved process monitor that requires fewer CPU resources.
  • Better checksum calculation for header v2
  • Added support for EROFS on EMUI 9.1
  • Waits for partitions to be ready for mounting. Earlier it caused bootloop on some Android device.

Older Versions of Magisk and Magisk Manager

Magisk v19.3
Magisk v19.2
Magisk v19.1
Magisk v19.0
Magisk v18.1
Magisk v18.0

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Magisk v17.3
Magisk v17.2
Magisk v17.1
Magisk v17.0
Magisk v16.7
Magisk v16.6
Magisk v16.4
Magisk v16.3
Magisk v16.2
Magisk v16.1
Magisk v16.0
Magisk v15.4
Magisk v15.3
Magisk v15.2
Magisk v15.1
Magisk v15.0
Magisk v14.6
Magisk v14.5
Magisk v14.3
Magisk v14.2
Magisk v14.0
Magisk v13.3
Magisk v13.2
Magisk v13.1
Magisk v12.0
Magisk v11.6
Magisk v11.5
Magisk v11.1
Magisk v11.0
Magisk v10.1
Magisk v10
Magisk v9
Magisk v8
Magisk v7

Having downloaded the latest Magisk from Github, you’ll need to flash it using a custom recovery like TWRP to root your Android device easily. We’ll soon post a detailed tutorial to flash Magisk zip using TWRP and use the Magisk Manager.

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