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magisk systemless root lineage osAfter the death of CyanogenMod, we’ve all been searching for Lineage OS ROMs all over the Internet. Luckily, we got your back and collecting the best of the best Lineage OS builds for you. You can download them all from our ultimate Lineage OS Downloads page. But what good is an awesome ROM without root? So, we’ve also gathered many methods to root Lineage OS. This tutorial is an addition to our rooting methods, and this is a special one. Follow this tutorial to get Magisk Systemless root on Lineage OS.

Some of the Android apps don’t work if your device is rooted. If you want to use those apps and also want root on your device, Magisk systemless root is the perfect solution. Magisk System root interface is developed by the XDA developer topjohnwu. Magisk allows you to root your Android device without altering system files, so you can enjoy apps like Android Pay, Pokemon Go on your rooted device. Today, the developer has released a new and major update to Magisk by releasing the Magisk v11.0. It includes a default root called MagiskSU which is open source. You can also choose to flash SuperSU if you want. Let’s see how to root Lineage OS with Magisk Systemless root.


  • Make sure you’ve unrooted your device if you’ve it rooted earlier using any methods.
  • We need a custom recovery like TWRP to flash few files. Since you’re on this page, we hope you have a working custom recovery.
  • Restore the boot image back to stock. [Worked well with default Lineage OS without any custom boot images]
  • Take a nandroid backup of your current ROM just in case.

Download Magisk Systemless Root Files

How to get Magisk Systemless Root on Lineage OS

  1. Download the Magisk zip file, uninstaller and the SuperSU files to your device.
  2. Reboot your device into recovery mode. You can just Google it if you don’t know how to get into recovery mode.
  3. Now you have two choices — root with MagiskSU or SuperSU.
    • If you want to use SuperSU, flash the SuperSU in systemless mode. This works only for Android 6.0 or above Android versions. Now, flash the Magisk zip on your device.
    • If you want to go with much integrated MagiskSU, just flash the Magisk zip.
  4. Reboot your device.
  5. After the device is up, download the latest Magisk Manager from the above downloads section and install it.
  6. Profit!!!

If you face any issue or want to revert back, just flash the Magisk uninstaller zip from the custom recovery.

Let us know if you’ve successfully rooted your device with Magisk systemless root in the comments. Stay tuned to us for more tutorials.

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