John Wu (topjohnwu) is creating Open Source Software

Hello! I’m the developer of


, the popular open source project aims to modify Android systemless-ly.

In recent years, Magisk has become the de facto way to root many Android devices. Thanks to its systemless nature and tons of effort, Magisk is currently possible to root your device and bypass most root detection methods, including the trickiest SafetyNet introduced by Google (at least for now).

Considering how many devices I have to support and how wildly OEMs modify Android in their products, maintaining Magisk is a ton of work. Magisk will always remain free and open source, because that’s how I learnt and started this project. However, if you like my work, please consider supporting me with Patreon (or if you prefer, PayPal)!

Generally I won’t post much here, if you want the latest news and updates, please follow me on Twitter.


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