Magisk Manager 2.0 APK Download

One of the problems with Android and all the OSes based on it is that once the system has been mounted is very difficult to make changes. It took some time to goes around this issue and it proved to be a tough nut to crack, but developers have finally managed to find a solution.

Magisk Manager is a tool that creates a universal interface to modify your system, without actually changing the system. The application will allow users and devs replace existing file and directories or adding new files and directories.

Also, developers will be able to run scripts at different boot times, systemless host support is enabled by default, and it features a built-in busybox with support up to Lollipop.


  • Make mod on XDA systemless
  • Install custom ROMS without flashing the system
  • Use Adblock apps without additional configuration
  • Run scripts at different boot times


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