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Magisk Root is a much familiar rooting tool for the all Android users right now. This tool is completely developed into the next level, and this is the only option for all Android users for a secure and risk-free Android rooting process.  Not like other rooting tools, this gives the best user experience for the all Android rooting lovers.

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Magisk Root for All Android Users

Magisk root tool is now much popular among all the Android users right now. When the Android rooting process gives a number of issues, because of the fake and junk tools, Magisk is the only option for the all Android users right now, because this is a systemless root method for all Android users. This tool is simply can be named as a multi-functional rooting tool because with the help of this tool any user can efficiently manage all the root permissions of the apps which are installed in the rooted Android device as well.

Magisk Root Download

What is Magisk Rooting?

Magisk rooting is a great invention by the senior developer of XDA team. With the help of this amazing tool, any user can efficiently manage all the root permissions as well as system modules. The developers of this tool give recent updates from time to time, with the help of that the errors and bugs are completely solved out and this tool now because much clean to use. As well as Magisk root tool helps the users to pass the Google Safetynet check.

Why is Magisk Root Special?

This rooting tool is not an ordinary rooting tool like others. Right now there is one common issue which has to face by all Android root users, that is some financial applications and applications like Netflix, Pokemon go, can’t run on the rooted Android devices. Because of this reason, users have to face a number of issues, if users need to run those applications on rooted Android devices, that users have to unroot the Android device again and again to run those applications, but of any user works with the Magisk root application, this issue is not valid anymore, because, the feature of Magisk hide of the Magisk application.

Features Offered By Magisk Root Tool

When talking about the great features of the Magisk root, there are some unique features are includes right now. These features give the end users a complete risk-free Android rooting experience.

  • Without any modifying the system partition of the system of the Android device users can complete the Android rooting process.
  • Can root any Android device within a moment. (Magisk is now compatible with Android 5.0 Lollipop up to Android P version.)
  • No need to unroot the Android device to run financial and Netflix applications.
  • Pass the SafetyNet test of Google even the device is being rooted with Magisk root.

Latest Versions Of Magisk Root

The latest versions of Magisk Root application is now released to the public already. Those versions come with bug fixes for the end users.

  • Magisk V12.0
  • Magisk V14.0
  • Magisk V15.3
  • Magisk V16.0 (Latest Release)

How to Download and Install Magisk Root?

  • Download Process of Magisk Root

The download process of Magisk application is entirely free of charge right now. You can download Magisk via our download section. All the downloads are entirely secure, and there is no any third party applications compact with the magisk root tool.

  • Install Process of Magisk Root

The installation process of Magisk root is completely user-friendly and without any harm to the Android device or Android system any user can install it within a moment. Follow the below guidelines to install the latest version of Magisk Root to your Android device.

  • Download the latest Magisk APK file from our download section.
  • After the download process ends reboot the Android device to the custom recovery to flash the Zip file of Magisk you have downloaded to your Android device.
  • Now the user must have to reboot the Android device and install the “Magisk root” application just like a typical application.
  • Now the user can patch the boot image files by click on install > Install Patch Boot Image File and select your stock boot image file. Now the Magisk application will automatically patch your boot image.
  • After that copy, the patch boot image to your PC and flash the patch boot image to your Android device and reboot the Android device to end the rooting process.

 How to Use Magisk Hide?

This Magisk hide option s completely unique for the Magisk users. This feature mainly helps the users to hide the root privileges of the Android device to run various kind of protected applications.

  • Open the Magisk manager application which is installed to your Android device.
  • Navigate to the settings options and scroll to the Magisk hide option. Toggle it to enable the feature.
  • Then you can select applications which need to hide the root access to the particular app



Highly Recommended! Thank you Magisk

Android is the world’s most customizable mobile platform. But Android becomes even more customizable when you root your device with Magisk.

Rebecca Ritchie

UIKit Integration Engineer of Initech


I Would Give It 5 Stars

“After Magisk rooting, you become the superuser means you have full control on your android device.”

David J. Weiss

Senior Android Developer


Magisk is the next level Android rooting tool, and this can be named as the best alternative application for the SuperSU right now. This is an entirely risk-free rooting tool for all Android devices.

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